No Workout Equipment Made All The Difference

No Workout Equipment Made All The Difference

Honestly I can remember the first time I bought workout equipment from craigslist that sat in the garage when I was a teenager, because at that time I could not afford to pay a monthly gym membership and even worse, I didn’t have a car! But let me tell you why I bought the equipment, because everybody else did it. I mean listening to the TV and my buddies, I thought the key to an amazing body was pushing up 300 lbs so I could; Drum Roll Please.. Be apart of the 300 Club!! Boy was I wrong!!

So the dreadful day came when my pops told me I was crowding the garage with the equipment, and I was upset, but now Wesley you can make excuses that you can’t workout anymore because, Daddy Took My Equipment Away! Huh!!(in my best baby voice) …. LOL

Thinking back on this event that happen in my life years ago, showed me how easy it was to make excuses to not work out. I mean come on! We all do it!!

“Well if my tread mill was working I would get on it..”

“If I just had some free time to drive to Wolly World to grab a set of free weight I would be working out right now!”

“If I just had a bigger enough truck to go get the Elliptical machine I saw on Craigslist yesterday..”

“I wish I had an additional room so I could build out my very custom workout room..”

Are you kidding me? LOL We do exactly what we want to do, especially after a hard day at the office, kick my feet up watch some tv and have a drink to relax. Sounds familiar..

But let me show you how easy and more effective it is to work out with no equipment, so you don’t rely on the excuse that your Dog took a poop on your workout bench…

After my dad got rid of my workout equipment, I gladly joined the Army Reserves, don’t ask why it is a long story :). But I learned so much about the body in the first 60 days of Boot Camp. I didn’t know that you could actually use what God gave you to create an amazing sexy body that will make the opposite sex turn heads. Man, we used to work out for hours but I thought to myself, is it possible if I pushed myself to the max for 7 minutes straight without a break, could I still benefit.. I tried it for 30 days and I believe me or not I shredded!! I mean I was toned, I had a six pack rather than a baby pack and I had more energy because I worked my heart muscle twice as hard. So instead of making excuses of not having any equipment, I preferred not to use equipment because the results were insane.

When using workout equipment most folks have no idea what weight or what form that should be using. Which is the reason most people at the gym are lost in the sauce, I mean I see incorrect form, I see improper use of workout equipment, I see more talking and fraternization than working out! Equipment if not used properly can really damage your body, which is the reason I thank God for the military, because it opened my eyes to using my body as resistance to tone muscles that heavy weight will miss every time. Also in my expert trainer opinion(clearing my throat), if you are overweight you should’t be at the gym waisting your time. Use your own body as resistance which will 1. Maximize your weight loss, 2. Keep you at the house with the kids, and 3. Tone and build the smaller muscles so you can oneday lift heavier weight if desired.

Not having equipment in the new millennium is not an excuse anymore, and most people who are overweight should’t use equipment at all. I actually use my own program, the 7DayFitness System, which enables me as a father of two, and busy professional to knock out a 7 minute routine from my living room. No one wants to be overweight and everyone deserves to look at themselves after a long hot shower in the mirror and smile. Let’s get a little interactive right now….

This is what I want you to do’, if you don’t have any equipment, clap your hands be proud because you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars on waisted metal. Now I know exactly what you are thinking.. Yea Wes you are right, but I really want this weight to come off now.. Hey.. Hey.. I understand where you coming from, it’s tough but heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia and many more lifestyle driven diseases are much more tougher. You know I have this quote I always repeat to myself when I don’t feel motivated, “It’s not how much you do, it’s how often you get it done.”

I mean you do brush your teeth every day correct? Take shower.. Eat… Watch TV.. Talk To Friends.. Get Your Nails Done.. Your Hair Done.. Watch your favorite reality or sporting event…. We do those things habitually because we have made those things a MUST instead of a Should. I want to challenge you to do something for me right now! I know you don’t know me, but if you are still reading this post, I know you want more and you want to be a better and happier human being, and if you are lucky, run the beaches of Jamaica butt naked LOL.
But stand up for me and do 7 Jumping Jacks or 7 pushups…. Just 7.. 7 repetitions of something can start your, I WANT TO GET SEXY ENGINE!! 🙂 If you want to know more about Wesley’s 7 DayFitness program please click here and GET FIT WITH PASSION!!


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