Foods for weight loss

In addition to a balanced diet, there are foods to lose pes or that are natural and can help you control your appetite, keep your body healthy and also help you lose weight. We present some of these foods you can include in your daily diet and combine it with your meals:


Forget the sweet bread in the mornings. The eggs, which are high in protein, make you feel full longer … much longer. A study in 30 overweight women found that those who ate breakfast scrambled eggs (with two pieces of toast and marmalade low calorie) had less appetite and eat less during the next 36 hours, unlike women who ate breakfast pastries or donuts, although the heat content was the same both breakfasts. The proteins prevent sugar levels in your blood to rise, helping to have fewer cravings.


A bowl of soup is as nutritious as a piece of chicken, and makes you feel just as satisfied. Those were the results of a study of 18 women and 13 men. Researchers say that even the simplest soup satisfies your hunger because your brain perceives it as a complete food. Ideally combine other foods to lose weight , such as those present here.


You’ve probably never heard of cholecystokinin, but it is one of your best friends to lose weight. This digestive hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. You can find it in beans: a study in 8 men showed that levels of this hormone were higher after each meal in which beans were included after eating foods low in fiber. There is also evidence that beans stabilize sugar levels in the blood, which helps you feel full longer. They also help you to lower cholesterol levels.


This fruit contains very few natural sugars, and so it is that it is a boon for those looking to lose weight. It also provides minerals and vitamins that are essential for the proper functioning of our body. It also helps to improve digestion and urinary system. It also acts as a liver cleanser, favoring its operation. You must eat them raw and sugar for best results. Studies have shown that simply include grapefruit in your daily diet, lose pounds every week without much effort.


Eat a bowl of any spicy food will help you lose weight. In a Japanese study were asked 13 women to include red peppers in your breakfast (as in an omelet for example) and found that they ate less than they normally ate. This magic ingredient called capsaicin, which helps reduce appetite. Of course, nothing it comes to consuming these foods to lose weight, you must also observe the rest of your diet and the amount of calories you eat to help your body to lose even more kilos.


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